Trader Net is a SCAM! They cold call people who have Craigslist auto postings.

They attempt to get all of your information before they will talk to you then they hang up and never talk to you again. Best bet they are selling your personal info. DO NOT TALK TO THEIR PEOPLE. This is ILLEGAL and completely unprofessional.

How horrible of a person do you have to be to do something like this? BAD BAD BAD!!!! This company should be shut down! they were the worst!

Don't not use the overpriced scam to sell your car!! They go by all of these names Automotive USA, Trader Net, Autotrader Net. BEWARE this company is a scam.

If they call you don't have anything to do with them. Save yourself time, frustration and money.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #652495

I had a very good relationship with Autotradernet they helped me sell my car quickly and got me full price . they were helpfull through out the entire course of events and lived up to my highest expations. Dont believe for a minuet that they are a scam aparently whoever made that statment is a bald faced liar.

Portland, Oregon, United States #637391

These *** got me!!! $249.00 Can't get my credit card people to void the deal there just as bad. It is a scam....Cant find ad anywhere, except their email links!!!

Federal Way, Washington, United States #629147

I still can't find my ad anywhere. Can't get my money back.

What a scam. Rip off.

Don't use these guys. Dishonest!!!!

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