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We brought a car from Autotek NW on Sunday 7th August the dealer said it had a 3 month warranty. He also said that it had no electrical issues.

On the 1st day we got it the sensor on the car kept on going of all night. It was very loud and the neighbours were complaing. Rang the dealer who said he would get his mechanic to ring. He never rang and it was doing it again all the next day and night.

I had to take it myself to get it repaired. Then on Thursday 11th August there was no power steering fluid in the car. I put power steering fluid in but it just poured out. I had to get it towed to the nearest garage.

They told me that it would take 5 hours to repair at a cost of £420. As I needed the car for work i told them to go ahead with the work. I then text the dealer to tell him the situation. He then phoned me and he said he would phone the garage and speak to them.

I suggested that he just pay me half the fee for me. The dealer never got in touch with the garage and has now not answered my texts or calls.

I am only telling you this as he advertises a lot of cars with auto trader and people should be made aware of him. I hope this is of help to you

Product or Service Mentioned: Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1312933

Totally unscrupulous. Sold me a car with new MOT and when my garage inspected, found a broken wheel!

No log book yet (4 months). Second key was a dud.

Never answers his phone. Avoid and go somewhere else.


Yep its confirmed Daniel.Stones is a rogue car dealer ripped me off too selling me a bmw x5 with a knackerd turbo ! Trading Standards informed this guy needs locking up!!

to Sally Bate #1308894

His website is down for days now, let's hope so that this guy gone for good.

to Paul #1310313

Doubt it still im still looking for his 34 cars to.warn others off god knows how hes shifting them on... seen a complaint on gumtree too about him from a couple of days ago..

to Sally Bate Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom #1310208

He has reopened as


Tel 0734026533

Keep away from this cowboy he has sold me a car a year ago and it was a death trap

to Anonymous #1310306

Yep im on him or should I say trading standards are...

Newport, Newport, United Kingdom #1241462

This dealer took £400 from us then told us endless lies. He then sold the jeep on to another dealer 2 days before my husband was due to pick it up. Avoid at all costs!!

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1225233

Customer service of the company is the worst you can find. Same here, bought a car from them 10 days ago.

The car has several issues. On the second day smoke started coming out of the engine. Dealer couldn't care less just told me to take the car to him for checking. Every time I ask him to bring the car he is unavailable.

You should call him 3-4 times to answer one. Add a faulty gearbox, noisy clutch, two windows not working and driver's seatbelt is stuck as well.

I will request to return the car for a FULL refund nothing less. Doesn't seem a good choice to me.

to Anonymous Elland, Calderdale, United Kingdom #1244938

You can now leave feedback on Auto-Trader

Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom #1218698

The above is complete and total nonsense. When the customer reported an alarm fault with the vehicle he was asked to return the vehicle so we could sort the issue out, which was arranged and he didn't turn up!

The next i heard about the issue was when he said it was in the garage and it would be £420! He said I was liable to pay half and threatened to park over my premises stopping me from selling vehicles! Again, the only time I heard about the power steering issue was once and it was sorted out? I am more than happy to sort out issues but if i am unaware of them or a customer doesn't bring back the vehicle to be repaired as initially agreed i don't see how i can be held responsible!

Autotrader have recently started contact our customers via email as new procedure and the results of these INDEPENDENT reviews automatically publish to our website (

The results speak for themselves!

Danny @ Autotek NW

to Anonymous Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom #1242874

Yeah we truly believe you Mr. Danny.

I have been trying to contact this guy for the last 2 months because he should have given to me 2 parts worth almost £400. As you can easily understand the guy never reacts to any text, mail or call and I am pretty sure that he will wait for my warranty (I try not to laugh here) to expire in a month and then contact me.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS, big time scam. Someone has to teach him a lesson.

to Anonymous Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom #1246014

Called the guy last Sunday and he replied after 2 months, said come tomorrow and collect the part. Called him on Monday before setting off and he said not at site currently I will give you a call when I come back.

Trying to reach him for a week now but no response. Seriously just avoid him at all costs.

to Anonymous Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom #1264966

Well my husband traded his car today and ended up driving away in a death trap! You people aren't answering calls or texts!!

We want our car back and a refund !!

My children were due to be in that car with my husband! How do you sleep at night?'

Watch this space mate you will be sorting this out or I'm going to drag your company through the mud!!

to Anonymous Elland, Calderdale, United Kingdom #1282603

you can now leave feedback on Autotrader ;)

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1198775

This trader is from Leigh. You can see we have had problems straight away and he is not going to sort it out

to Anonymous Elland, Calderdale, United Kingdom #1282605

please leave feedback on Autotrader if not already done so

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