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I wanted a second vehicle with a soft top and good gas mileage and had owned a Suzuki Samurai in the past so I began looking. Found one on Auto Trader in Hockessin, DE for sale by "Jennifer" email address used

I agreed to buy it and was looking in to shipping costs.

She said that she wanted to use Yahoo Autos which had a premier service that would protect both of us. I paid them directly through wire and they shipped to me at which time I had 3 days to inspect the vehicle and could send it back if I wasn't happy. I did just enough research to find out that the address, Sunnyvale, CA where the money was to be wired was indeed the address of Yahoo Autos.

After wiring the money to "Stuart Wilson, 302 370 7381.

I never heard anything again.

This phone number is a New Castle County DE phone number.

The Samurai is a 1986 model, white with a lift, black top, black rack on top, good looking with lots of extra lights.

If anyone out there knows a Jennifer or a Stuart Wilson or any vehicle in New Castle or Hockessin DE please let me know.

I have filed a police report but they aren't really doing anything.


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Palm Beach, Florida, United States #738002

I bought 2 cars recently from out of state dealers. They were franchise dealers that go by a higher standard and even then I flkew to the city, they picked me up, I inspected the vehicle, gave them cash which I withdrew from a branch of my bank and drove the car home.

Sure it cost but including the cost, I was still ahead and I didn't get scammed. Don't look for bargains where you can't see, feel and touch the car.

Also, use carfax or autocheck to see first hand what the story is behind the car. You'll get to see if there was a speedometer rollback or a rebuilt or salvage title.

West University Place, Texas, United States #25983

This same scammer thinks he has me on the hook right now, I would like to turn him in to someone who could arrest this POS!! It was also Auto Trader and he wanted me to send money thru the so called Yahoo Auto site, a non secure site..

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