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Save your money! I'm VERY unhappy with my AutoTrader Classics experience, and maybe I can save someone else a little money and a lot of disappointment!

For $50, I posted an ad on AutoTrader Classics. I was rolling the dice a little because I have never placed an ad on this company's website before, but I figured maybe it would give me a more national exposure for the classic vehicle I was selling. IT DIDN'T.

What it DID do is put my contact information out there for the overseas scammers to ply their trade. I was contacted by 4 separate scammers, all very easily recognizable ruses. I reported the scam contacts to AutoTrader Classics fraud staff, to which they responded that there was nothing they could do about these criminals.

For my $50 investment, AutoTrader Classics allowed my to post 3 (yes, only 3!) photos of the classic vehicle I was trying to sell. Anyone who has sold a vehicle through online methods KNOWS that you have to post a lot more than 3 photographs to do a decent job of showing your car. You would think that AutoTrader Classics of all companies would know this! But no, they only allow 3 photographs with a $50 ad. Then, the ad shows up only regionally, and in a very small regional area at that. Of course I could increase my ad's visibility by ponying up more $$, but I was not prepared to do that.

I received ZERO authentic responses via the AutoTrader ad. I thought AutoTrader Classics might produce a decent return on my $50 ad investment, but in reality it didn't produce a SINGLE authentic interested party. The car I listed was priced competitively, so that's not the problem. When I contacted them to obtain BASIC info such as number of page views, I was informed that they don't maintain that kind of information. Newsflash to AutoTrader Classics: "Number of page views" is kind of an important bit of information to us pesky customers! Very disappointing. Given my very poor experience with their service I decided to request a refund of my $50 to see if they wanted to keep my happy or would they prefer to keep my cash. I received a boilerplate, template response from their customer service department that a refund would not be possible, and that AutoTrader Classics makes every effort to ensure their customer's have a good experience with their service. Chumps. I'll take it as a lesson learned and tell my car club friends to not waste their money on their site. Hopefully I can save some other unsuspecting sap $50. Put me down as TOTALLY unimpressed...

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I am not just spamming here, you really hit home with my main reason for starting a competing business against almighty auto trader. best of luck to you!!

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States #849634

We also placed an ad and received only 1 response, which was a scam. Very disappointing after paying 50.00

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